Service Catalog

Categories (11)

Administration & Business Systems

Administrative and business IT services. Includes Alumni information management, audit tools, budget management, business intelligence, disbursements, effort reporting, electronic signature, employee training management, asset management, content management, environmental health safety and quality, financial integrations and utilities, financial management service, geographic information systems (GIS), human resource information management, managed database hosting, data warehouse, production control, service management suite, project management, telecom management, travel reimbursement, facilities billing, facilities CEP and ECMS support, and utility billing and monitoring.

Conferencing & AV

Remote meeting and audio-visual services. Includes web and video conferencing, audio-visual installation, digital signage, video streaming, event technical support, and media production.

Desktop, Software, & Printing

Order Cornell computers or set up printing. Services include desktop and mobile device support, printing and related services, and software and application distribution.

Email, Calendar, & Communication

Communication, scheduling, and collaboration services. Includes email, calendar, emergency notifications, collaborative document storage, blogs, wikis, and surveys.

IT for IT Professionals

Services offered to IT professionals to help them support their customers. Includes domain name services, remote assistance services, security risk assessments, security incident response, cloudification, and integration platform.

IT Security

Security, data integrity, and compliance services. Includes identity and access management, device (endpoint) protection, encryption, firewalls, vulnerability scanning, confidential data discovery, secure credit card transactions, security consulting and education, incident response and investigation, and security policy and compliance.

NetIDs & Accounts

Identity and access management services. Includes NetID accounts, authentication, access, and role-based provisioning at the enterprise level.

Storage, Backup, & Compute Resources

Provisioning, hosting, and administration of physical and virtual storage. Includes the maintenance and provisioning of server storage and database backups, archive, and recovery.

Teaching & Learning

Instructional technology that supports teaching and learning. Includes student information management, lecture capture, plagiarism detection, and polling, virtual and physical computer labs, web hosting, and surveys. Free LinkedIn Learning and Skillsoft online courses are also included.

Web Design & Hosting

Design, creation, and hosting services for Cornell websites. Includes web design and consulting services, accessibility auditing, and website hosting.

Wi-Fi, Network, & Phone

Student, faculty, and staff connectivity services. Includes Wi-Fi, phone, wired networking, and virtual private networks.