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Learning Technologies

Applications to facilitate instruction including assessment, collaboration, and course management tools.


The classroom polling service, also referred to as audience response system or student response system, allows instructors to quickly ask a question and instantly receive responses from each student during class.


IT Training provides up-to-date training offerings, training equipment/space, and administrative services for billing and registration as needed throughout the year. Training empowers staff with the ability to enhance their skill sets and therefore boost productivity for their department. The administrative/equipment/space component enables departments without equipment (both within IT and outside IT) to provide training and outreach opportunities for faculty, staff, students, and the community, without the need to own or maintain those resources independently.

CULearn (Saba Cloud) is a contract funded by HR. CIT leverages Saba Cloud for its training offerings.

LinkedIn Learning is a joint contact funded by CIT (on behalf of the Ithaca campus) and Weill.

Skillsoft is a joint contract funded by CIT and HR for the Ithaca campus, and by Weill for the Weill campus. Cornell Health also has a separate contract for Skillsoft for a few compliance courses, because those courses are not