Discussion and Announcement Email List

An e-list is a way to communicate with a number of people through a single email address. Whenever someone sends a message to an e-list address, that message goes out to everyone subscribed to the list. 

Participation in e-lists hosted by CIT is free; there are no subscription fees for list owners or list members. Anyone who has access to email can take advantage of the service. CIT's e-list service uses a product called Lyris ListManager.

Two notes of clarification:

  • E-lists are a convenient and, usually, quick method of communicating with a group, but if you require a guaranteed "right away" delivery, you should not rely solely on e-lists. As with all email, delivery occasionally can be delayed.
  • Messages that originate outside Cornell, when sent to CIT-hosted e-lists, will undergo the same virus and spam checking as other email traffic. It is possible that the format or content of your message may trigger the spam filter.
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