Email, Calendar, & Communication

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Collaboration Platforms

Service offerings that support collaboration needs for teams and groups.

Content Strategy

Provide comprehensive information about the information technology (IT) services used at Cornell, and the people and processes that guide them.

Document Sharing

The Document Sharing service allows users to maintain personal and departmental collections of documents across multiple devices and locations, to share files with individuals inside and outside of Cornell, and to collaborate in real-time via simultaneous editing, commenting, and tasks. This service is not intended for archival or backup purposes.

Email and Calendar

This service provides an email mailbox account, access to desktop and mobile mail programs, and web-based access to mail and calendar.

Emergency Mass Notification (EMN)

EMN provides critical information to the Cornell community about threats from violent individuals, severe weather, fire, hazardous materials, or other dangers on campus.

Mass Communication and Marketing

Provides the capability to create and manage communication and marketing campaigns across various segments of the university.


Cornell provides faculty, students, and staff the ability to create and distribute surveys and gather information in support of the university's educational mission and organizational goals.