Certified Desktop

Certified Desktop is licensed and deployed to campus units by IT support professionals. Individual users who are interested in installing the data security tools that are part of Certified Desktop on their Cornell-owned laptop or desktop computer should contact local IT administrators.

What Is Certified Desktop?

Certified Desktop is a package of security tools intended to promote the adoption of effective data security measures and policies on campus.

This new service for faculty and staff consists of a suite of state-of-the-art security tools. Data security is a priority at Cornell, as outlined by the university’s Policy 5.10, and Certified Desktop can help campus users meet these goals for protecting their important files, data, and research. 

  • Code42 (formerly Crashplan), cloud backup

  • CrowdStrike Protection, anti-malware

  • Spirion, confidential data identification tool

  • Endpoint Management Tools, automated asset management and patch deployment

  • TeamDynamix will be used to track and store endpoint configuration information. CIT will provide customized endpoint management tools to automatically update endpoint information in CIT’s TDX Asset Management system.

In addition, Alertus Emergency Notification, which is integrated with university Emergency Mass Notification services to provide alerts directly to users' computer screens, will be available for deployment.

Why Certified Desktop?

Once installed, Certified Desktop will help make sure that you never lose data again, even if you lose your computer, and that malware cannot infect your computer or hold your files hostage. 

Certified Desktop is licensed through campus academic and administrative departments. As an incentive to improve data security, it offers these protections at a significant discount to units which reach the goal of 75% compliance with data security goals.

Some units have signed up for Certified Desktop and are already beginning to roll out protections for user’s desktop and laptop computers. Your department may be one of them. If not, ask your local technical service provider to contact CIT for more information – and more protection from online threats. 

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