This service provides an email mailbox account, access to desktop and mobile mail programs, and web-based access to mail and calendar.

Services (7)

Bulk Email

Facilities communications to all members of a constituency (such as all faculty, staff, or students) or to large numbers of recipients in one or more constituencies that can be used for announcements and outreach.

Discussion and Announcement Email List

An e-list is a way to communicate with a number of people through a single email address. Whenever someone sends a message to an e-list address, that message goes out to everyone subscribed to the list. 

Participation in e-lists hosted by CIT is free; there are no subscription fees for list owners or list members. Anyone who has access to email can take advantage of the service. CIT's e-list service uses a product called Lyris ListManager.

Email & Calendar Clients

Apple Mail, Outlook, OWA

Email Accounts

Email accounts include mailboxes, email addresses, and email forwarding associated with an email address. This includes account provisioning and account access, but not user login.

Email Alias

The Cornell Optional Email Alias (COEA) service allows eligible individuals to create a Cornell email address based on their name.

Exchange Group Account

A fully featured mailbox that can be accessed by multiple individuals; useful when messages are intended for a particular purpose rather than a particular person, or if more than one person handles the incoming messages.