Applications to facilitate instruction including assessment, collaboration, and course management tools.

Services (9)

Academic Accessibility Tools

Ally is a tool offered at Cornell to help you make your online course materials more accessible. Directly integrated into the learning management system, Ally checks all content in your course. It then provides you with a report rating the accessibility of the various components of your course.

Academic Collaboration Tools

Collaboration tools allow students, instructors, and teaching assistants to exchange resources in a number of different ways, depending on what is needed for a particular task.

Assessment Tools

Assessment tools aid in assessing and evaluating student learning and can provide different options to assess students beyond the traditional exam.

Classroom Recording

Automated Classroom Recording provides licensing for the remote recorder feature to automate the recording and publishing of classroom recordings.

Course Management

Web-based course management used by students and faculty. Enables faculty to manage and students to access course materials, assignments, communications, and more.

Desktop Lecture Recording

Lecture Capture is a self-service application that allows instructors to record lectures from their own computer, a classroom computer, or capture device.

Digital Portfolios

Dynamic online spaces where students can reflect, publish, and share individual or collaborative content.

Electronic Lab Notebooks

Electronic Lab Notebook software can be used by students and researchers for organizing laboratory data, saving historical versions of files, sharing information, and collaborating with others.

Plagiarism Detection

Scan student work for matched text by comparing the work to a large repository of student work, publications, and material on the Internet. Available through an interface built into the course management system.