CU Print

CU Print is a full-service printing solution available in high use campus areas including libraries, residence halls, and community centers.

Service Management Information:
Service: Printing
Service Offering: CU Print

Change CU Print Release Method CU Print Error CU Print Install Assistance CU Print Paper Order CU Print Refund Request CU Print Support Appointment Decommission CU Print Printer General Support Service Administration


Service ID: 467
Mon 9/14/20 4:31 PM
Mon 11/21/22 8:24 AM
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IT Professionals
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Service Offerings (9)

Change CU Print Release Method
Request a change to the way print jobs are released on CU Print printers. By default, all users must select and release print jobs manually after tapping your ID card. However some users, such as those with visual impairments, may wish to release all available jobs immediately after tapping.
CU Print Error
CU print errors including PCL XL error, hold for authentication, can't charge bursar account.
CU Print Install Assistance
CU print installing the CU Print software and print ques for Windows, Mac, Linux.
CU Print Paper Order
CU Print location staff needs to order paper for CU Print printers.
CU Print Refund Request
CU print customer wants to request a refund due to printing job did not print correctly.
CU Print Support Appointment
Request support with a CU Print install, question, or issue.
Decommission CU Print Printer
Request a CU Print printer be removed from service temporarily or permanently.
Service Administration
This service entry is intended for CIT internal use, this is not a customer support form. Work classified and requested here represents service administration and management tasks that are required for delivering service but are activities that do not represent customer support work.