Storage, Backup, & Compute Resources

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Backup & Recovery

The centrally provided backup and recovery service automatically backs up workstation or server files, and allows restoration by the end-user or the end-user's Technical Support Provider (TSP). SpectrumProctect (formerly Tivoli Storage Manager or TSM) and CrashPlan are used to provide different service offerings.

Servers & Cloud Infrastructure

Servers & Cloud Infrastructure provides access to infrastructure environments that enable IT services at Cornell. This includes managed persistent servers on-premises and the cloud, access to public cloud environments, and data storage and protection services.


CIT Storage services provide various ways for Cornell users to store data to support their business and research activities.

Data archive is currently offered via EZ-Backup. Shared File Services (SFS) provide file storage which enables sharing of files between groups of users and computers.  Wasabi Cloud Storage provides bulk, flat-rate cloud object storage for secondary storage purposes.  The Storage Farm provides SAN storage to the Managed Servers service.