Emergency Phones

Installation and support for blue light, elevator, and building emergency phones.

Bulk Request Elevator or Building Emergency Phone Issue Report External Blue Light Issue Report New Blue Light Phone New Building Emergency Phone New Elevator Phone Service General Support Service Administration


Service ID: 754
Fri 12/2/22 10:25 AM
Fri 12/2/22 11:08 AM
The customer groups that the service is available to
IT Professionals
Indicates whether there is a charge for the service

Service Offerings (8)

Bulk Request
Multiple requests of voice and data services for emergency phones. Complete the Bulk Request Customer Spreadsheet linked on this form and attach to your request.
Elevator or Building Emergency Phone Issue Report
To report an outage or malfunctioning of an emergency call device such as Blue Lights and all other emergency call devices.
External Blue Light Issue Report
For use by Cornell University Police only. Notify CIT of issues with emergency blue light phones around campus.
New Blue Light Phone
Request a new Blue Light or emergency phone. Prior approval by CUPD must be gathered for new blue light and building emergency phones.
New Building Emergency Phone
Request to order a new building emergency phone service.
New Elevator Phone Service
Request to order a new elevator phone service.
Service Administration
This service entry is intended for CIT internal use, this is not a customer support form. Work classified and requested here represents service administration and management tasks that are required for delivering service but are activities that do not represent customer support work.