Data Storage and Analytics enables users to get insights into their business questions and make more informed decisions using data from their own systems and from university enterprise sources like PeopleSoft, KFS, and Workday. Offerings include data analytics and reporting, including business intelligence solutions; data integration and API management; and database consulting and support for a variety of formats, including MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and Oracle.

Services (5)

Business Intelligence

Develop and maintain reporting and business intelligence (BI) solutions from analysis and data modeling to querying and the implementation of reports and dashboards.

Data Warehouse (Kuali)

Comprehensive data warehouse capability for university financial, budget, and labor information.

Data Warehouse (PeopleSoft)

Comprehensive data warehouse capability for university student, financial aid, admissions, grad school, and contributor relations information.

Integration Platform

Solutions for campus developers to create system-to-system integrations.

Managed Database Hosting

Comprehensive database support for customer applications, including development, test, and production environments; backup and recovery; monitoring and response; and patch and upgrade support. (Not presently available to new customers.)