The Enterprise Content Management Platform Service provides the infrastructure that supports and enables Cornell's Enterprise Content Management Service (ECM). ECM uses Perceptive Content, which encompass document management, electronic signatures, records and information management, and document composition.

The ECM Platform Service can help colleges, departments, and units make the most of their use of Enterprise Content Management by providing a stable, monitored, and patched environment for their content management operations

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Document Management and Workflow

Document Management and Workflow allows for the electronic ingestion of both paper as well as existing electronic documents into a repository. Documents stored in the repository are indexed with a set of meta-data which enables quick search and retrieval. Along with the advantages gained from quick search and retrieval, documents are also able to be added to custom designed workflows that match your business process. Workflows have the ability to be as simple as you need them to be but also to employ sophisticated automation and integration with other systems, further saving time and increasing efficiencies.