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E-List Management

Tool to administer CCE's automatically generated electronic lists

Email Alias

Create an email alias for your Cornell email address

Exchange Group Accounts (EGAs)

Create a generic email address for email and other resources that need to be shared among several staff

G Suite (Google Suite)

Use Google G Suite for document creation, communication, and collaboration

Lyris E-Lists

Communicate with a number of people through a single email address

Microsoft Teams

Chat with your colleagues, host video/audio meetings, and create teams and channels to collaborate on projects


Use Outlook for email/calendaring, Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote) for productivity, OneDrive for document storage, and Teams for collaboration

Who I Am

Activate your email accounts, control mail forwarding, update directory information, activate LastPass and G-suite


Work in groups more easily and effectively; share knowledge; find interesting conversations and join in; stay organized; and search and discover people, documents and conversations to get your work done


Host online meetings and webinars