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CCE E-List Management in Business Systems

Tool to administer CCE's automatically generated electronic lists

Email Alias

Create an email alias for your Cornell email address

Exchange Group Accounts (EGAs)

Create a generic email address for email and other resources that need to be shared among several staff

Google Workspace Account (G Suite)

Use Google workspace account for document creation, communication, and collaboration

Lyris E-Lists

Communicate with a number of people through a single email address

Microsoft Office - Outlook

Use Outlook for email/calendaring, Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote) for productivity, OneDrive for document storage, and Teams for collaboration

Microsoft Teams

Chat with your colleagues, host video/audio meetings, and create teams and channels to collaborate on projects

Who I Am

Activate your email accounts, control mail forwarding, update directory information, activate LastPass and G-suite


Work in groups more easily and effectively; share knowledge; find interesting conversations and join in; stay organized; and search and discover people, documents and conversations to get your work done


Host online meetings and webinars