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An e-list is a way to communicate with a number of people through a single email address. Whenever someone sends a message to an e-list address, that message goes out to everyone subscribed to the list. 

Participation in e-lists hosted by CIT is free; there are no subscription fees for list owners or list members. Anyone who has access to email can take advantage of the service. CIT's e-list service uses a product called Lyris ListManager.

Many CCE centrally-provided lists are automatically generated from organizational report data.

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List of Curated CCE E-lists in Business Systems:

Please note: These CCE lists are populated from the Org report from Business systems. Any member changes, made to the automated/curated e-lists on Lyris, will be overwritten during the automatic member sync time (Monday - Thursday at 1AM)

  • Association e-lists:  Every county has their own e-list (example:, which is also populated from the Org report in Business Systems.  If you need an additional person added to the e-list, contact your SBN IT Lead Manager or the CCE helpdesk.

Use Cornell's people search to find e-lists by keyword:

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Contact the owner of a listservHelp Your E-list's Members (Lyris) | IT@Cornell

  • Send an e-mail to (example:

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Lyris E-list Management:



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