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ILR Audio Visual Technologies encompasses a wide range of services throughout the many classrooms, meeting and lab spaces in Ithaca, New York City and Buffalo. Additionally, the group is responsible for Lecture/Classroom Capture, Virtual Instruction configurations, Hardware and Software based meeting configurations as well as loaner equipment for use by the ILR Faculty and Staff.

ILR Technology Services (ILR) Desktop Support encompasses a wide range of services. Primarily, ILR Desktop Support provides support for all ILR-owned desktop, laptop and home computers; monitors and displays; keyboards and mice; printers, external disk drives and external modems. In addition, we also administer our network and servers.

The ILR Tech Services (ILRTS) office is responsible for supporting and procuring all technology related hardware, peripherals and software. Please explore the pages below for information on our hardware and software policies. Any exceptions to these procedures must be reviewed and approved by ILRTS management.

Administrative Applications manages and supports non-public-facing products and databases such as Salesforce, EMS, SharePoint, Activity Insight, Filemaker solutions, OAR, etc.

ILR Technology Policies and Procedures

Room scheduling solutions fro Ithaca and NYC.

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