Information Technology Procurement Policy for the ILR School

Information Technology Procurement Policy for the ILR School
Issued: February 1, 2021

The purpose of this policy is to clarify the ILR School’s Information Technology (IT) equipment procurement and disposal practices.

  1. All Purchases Must Go Through the ILR Technology Services (TS) Office: All ILR Information Technology (IT) devices, software, and services purchased with Cornell funds must be  purchased through the ILR TS Office. The reason for this is to ensure all devices purchased with Cornell funds comply with Cornell University Policy 5.10. All ILR computers that adhere to this policy receive daily file backups, malware protection, sensitive data scanning, and full ILR Technology Services Support. The ILR Finance Team and Procurement will help with the enforcement of this purchasing process and policy. Submit technology related service requests to Submit a service request.
  2. One Computer for Each Person: ILR Technology Services will fund one computer device per employee on a 4-year rotational cycle. However, it is possible that in some cases we may need to extend the 4-year cycle to a 5-year replacement cycle due to reduced funding.
  3. Exceptions for more than one computer: When more than one computer or tablet is needed, staff must first work with ILR Technology Services to explore the business need and possible alternative solutions. If an additional device is required, please provide a departmental account number and a written explanation of the business need signed by the department lead in a service request. Final approval of exceptions will be made by the Associate Dean of Finance & Administration in consultation with the relevant Dean’s Core Team Member.
  4. Faculty Computers: ILR faculty can use their Research, Professional, and Development (RP&D) funds to purchase additional computer equipment needed for research and teaching. Submit a service request with equipment needed, account number, and explanation of the need.
  5. Visiting-Adjunct Faculty: ILR Technology Services will supply a computer (typically a loaner) for visiting faculty who are teaching at least one course per semester. Those with short-term or non-teaching engagements with ILR should plan to bring their own device. If this is not possible, the sponsoring department lead can request a loaner computer for the visitor. Importantly, Independent Contractors will not receive any Cornell computer hardware devices or software.
  6. Software Application Purchases: All computers purchased by ILR Technology Services come with a standard suite of productivity software. If you require additional software, Submit a service request with software title, account number, and business reason for the software.
  7. Asset Management: Regardless of funding sources, all technology devices are the property of Cornell University and must be returned to ILR Technology Services upon separation from ILR so that we can identify if the device can meet another need within the school. If it is deemed the device will not be of value to the school, the asset will be wiped clean of all Cornell Software and Operating Systems and be removed from the asset inventory and will then be put in the recycling program at Cornell.
  8. Reporting Other Devices Used with ILR/Cornell Computers: The School and the University face significant risk from the “Internet of Things”. These IoT items might be technology devices that you purchased with School funds and are not included in our inventory, or they might be items purchased outside of ILR TS but the item is connected to the Cornell network. Report these devices to ILR Technology Services so we can evaluate the possible cyber-security risk that might be inherent with these devices. Submit a service request with equipment information and an explanation of its use.


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