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Controlling Event/Classes on the Drupal Website via fields in Salesforce.
Overview and explanation of all fields in the Opportunity
How-to log into the ILR Salesforce org
Using Stages to guide the Opportunity process.
How to manage CAHRS membership status on Account (company) records in Salesforce.
Use the CAHRS-Primary Active Contact view and also acquire the document that is a list of all primary contacts.
Create a new event from an Outreach Activity Form.
A field-by-field CAHRS-specific walkthrough of the Account object.
A field-by-field CAHRS-specific walkthrough of the Contact object.
Manually register for an vent in case someone is not able to register via the web site.
How to submit a request for support to Admin Apps
Viewing Participant (registration) records in Salesforce
How to manually reduce Faculty Banked Credits.
Edit existing events.
Use the Email Subscribers View.