How to keep your ILR managed Windows 10 computer updated and running smoothly

Software updates are necessary to help keep your ILR managed Windows computer(s) and data safe from hackers.  ILR Technology Services standard computer management practices are designed to comply with Cornell University Policy 5.10 and Certified Desktop requirements.  Below are actions you need to take on each of your ILR managed Windows computers.

  1. Daily when working remotely
    1. Connect the Cisco AnyConnect client to IL-VPN
    2. This gives you access to the ILR L: shared drive, remote desktop, and shared printers, and helps to keep your computer up-to-date with minimal impact on computer performance
    3. The Cisco client will automatically disconnect after 10 hours or when you shutdown, or restart your PC
  2. At least weekly (or when prompted by required updates from Software Center)
    1. Restart your computer. This will process pending updates and give your Windows session a fresh start.
    2. Many of you already shutdown daily at the end of the work day, but if you prefer to leave your computer on all the time, it is important to restart periodically
    3. To reboot/restart:  Click Start>Power>Restart
  3. At least monthly (or when alerted to urgent updates)
    1. Microsoft software updates and 3rd party vendor updates are normally deployed monthly two weeks after they are released and will download and automatically install silently in the background.  Occasionally, out-of-band updates are released to address urgent security issues.
      1. Notifications appear in the Windows system tray (near the clock), within applications, and in Software Center to allow you to perform necessary system restarts at your convenience
      2. After restart, verify updates have been processed at Start>Microsoft EndPoint Manager>Software Center>Updates
        Software Center updates needed screen shot
    2. Verify that your Code42 backups are running smoothly
      1. See for instructions
  4. At least quarterly
    1. Check for major Windows releases in Software center
      1. If updating a laptop, connect it to AC power
      2. Open Software Center and click the Updates tab
      3. Look for available updates such as "Feature update to Windows 10" and if found, click Install
      4. You can continue working while the software update installs - this can take several hours
      5. If the update fails, restart the computer and try again - if it fails repeatedly, submit a service request
      6. When the install is successfully, follow prompts and allow the computer to restart when your workday ends
      7. Note that the restart and first sign in after a major Windows update can take a lot longer than normal
    2. Check for Dell updates
      1. If updating a laptop, connect to AC power
      2. Click Start>Dell Command Update (or search computer for "dell command")
      3. Click "Check"
      4. If there are updates, review instructions and click "Install" to proceed
      5. Wait for system to restart if needed
    3. Check the status of your Cornell Certified Desktop computers
      1. Go to The Certified Desktop self-check tool 
      2. Sign in using your Cornell Netid and password
      3. Review the findings
      4. See the FAQ: Cornell Certified Desktop Self-Check Tool for help
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