Wired and wireless connectivity for the Cornell campus, with additional services including firewall, DNS, VPN, and the campus data center.

Services (6)

Data Center

Physical space for computing needs, including filtered and unfiltered electrical power, available UPS, cooling, and network. The facilities are currently located on floors 6 and 7 of Rhodes Hall and in the CCC building.


Cornell's Domain Name Service supports network and Internet traffic by providing a mapping of alphabetic names (www.cornell.edu), network addresses (, and device addresses (00:1A:1E:C0:4F:EC) so the traffic can flow. It provides critical network protocols such as DNS, DHCP, and NTP.

Managed Firewall

The Managed Firewall service protects the campus networks with a system of distributed firewalls. These firewalls result in an efficient, economical, and flexible system that allows units at Cornell to control their necessary level of protection.

Virtual Private Network

Secure connection to Cornell's IT resources hosted on campus.


Connect to a wireless network while on campus.

Wired Network

Wired network service is available in academic and administrative buildings on the Ithaca campus, as well as in some remote offices via Cornell Network Extension.