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Chatter is a Salesforce feature that adds live chat capability to any record in Salesforce.  We are using Chatter as part of the Outreach Activities form and collaboration system.

By default, Chatter will notify you by email each time someone brings you into a conversation and for all messages within that conversation after that.  But you have the ability to modify how often you receive notifications.  This can be for each message, or Salesforce can send messages in bulk to you a couple times per day, once a day, or weekly.

To change the Chatter email notification frequency:

  1. Click the user icon at upper right, and choose "Settings"

Screenshot showing clicking the user icon at upper left and the Settings link that appears beneath it.

  1. Along the left side of the screen, under Chatter, choose "Email Notifications":

Screenshot showing clicking the Chatter link at the left side of the screen and the Email Notifications link beneath it.

  1. Select the desired notification settings.


For Support groups and others with designated Chatter Groups:

By default, groups get notified on a very limited basis.  To set notification settings for individual groups that you're a part of:

  1. Scroll to the bottom of this screen, to the "Groups" section
  2. Select the default desired frequency for groups that you become part of in the future
  3. Select the desired frequency for any groups you are already part of

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