Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop provides the functionality of logging on to your on-campus ILR computer.  Utilizing Remote Desktop has some advantages, including having immediate access to your shared folders, network printers, documents, as well as giving you the ability to work directly from your work computer.

**Important** Hourly employees must obtain approval for Remote Desktop use from their supervisor and Human Resources.  Once approved, enter a Helpdesk request to ILR Tech Services as permissions need to be granted.

***Please Note*** Before you follow the instructions below to connect via Remote Desktop, you'll need to have made a successful VPN connection.  If you're not familiar with making a Two-step VPN connection, please review and follow the VPN instructions that can be found by clicking on this link, if you haven't already.

1) Connect to VPN

Click on this link for instructions, if necessary.

2) Open Remote Desktop Connection

On the desktop, on the bottom left, type remote desktop within the Search Windows box (to the right of the Start menu Window start bar logo).  Please note that there may be a magnifying glass instead of Search Windows to the right of the Start menu.  If you see a magnifying glass, click on the magnifying glass and type remote desktop.


3) Enter Computer Name & Connect

Enter the full name of your computer to the right of Computer -> select Connect.

4) Logon

You'll be prompted to logon.  Enter for the username and your email password.  Select OK.

**If you receive and error message**

  • Check to ensure a strong Internet connection.
  • Make sure you have a connection to VPN.  Click on the arrow near the clock on the desktop -> the globe should have a lock over the top of it.      
  • Make sure you're using your email/netid.
  • Check keyboard to ensure Caps lock isn't on.

6) Logon

Your on-campus computer screen will appear.  Click on OK and you will be logged on to your computer.

7) Disconnect From Computer

Select the X to disconnect from your on-campus computer.

8) Disconnect From VPN

To completely disconnect from the Cornell networkselect the up arrow on the bottom right on your desktop -> choose the globe icon -> Disconnect.


Additional Information

1) Locating Your Computer Name

A) Enter System Properties

On the desktop, on the bottom left, type in system within the Search Windows box (to the right of the Start menu ).  Select system from above.


B) Locate Computer Name From System

Within the System dialog box, find and jot down your Full computer name.

2) Power Settings

ILR has implemented power savings settings on our computers by default in accordance with President Pollack's goal of minimizing the University's carbon footprint.  If you have followed all the instructions to connect remotely to your computer and you're still having a difficult time connecting on the first attempt, but can successfully connect on the second attempt minute or two later, your computer is most likely going to Sleep and entering Sleep Mode.  If this is the case and you would like to adjust your power/sleep settings, below are instructions on making an adjustment. 

**Please note**  If you would like assistance with adjusting the setting or would like to discuss the settings, please enter a Technical Service Request.  We would be happy to discuss and/or explain the options.

A) Open Power and Sleep Options

On the desktop, on the bottom left, type in sleep within the Search Windows box (to the right of the Start menuWindow start bar logo


Start menu item for power and sleep settings

B) Adjust Power & Sleep Setting

Select the Sleep drop down box and choose Never.

Windows dialog with controls for power and sleep

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