Overriding the default year and/or term for manual entry of Obligation and Teaching Activities

When manually entering Obligation or Teaching Activities you may be entering data from a previous semester.  By default, the system will use the current semester's year and term designations.

Both Obligation History and Teaching Activities have the ability to override that behavior.

  • Obligation History has the "Year Override" field which uses the format of a 4-digit year, for example, "2023".
  • Teaching Activities has the "YearTerm Override" field, which uses the format of a 4-digit year followed immediately be the term designation, for example "2023SP".

Both fields work similarly.  If the override field remains blank, the current year and term will be used.  If the override field contains a year (for Obligation History) or a year and term (for Teaching Activities), that value will take precedence.

Term designators are:

  • Fall: FA
  • Spring: SP


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