Order of Operations

It is critical that this order be followed.  The exact dates are not as important as the order in which they occur.  If a timing slot gets missed, DO NOT proceed without carrying out the late action before moving on.


Timing Task Responsible
Early January Pull Spring projected classes from Peoplesoft DE
  Add leaves and sabbaticals for Fall semester TW/RC
  Import projected Spring classes and teaching credits JW/DE
  Review Spring projected classes TW/RC
  Add Banked Credits Spent for Fall semester TW/RC
Mid-April Pull active courses from Peoplesoft into sandbox to update information.  Validate data in the sandbox then move to production. DE
Early July Modify the section title of the page layout with the semester names DE
  Pull Fall semester classes from Peoplesoft DE
  Review Fall semester classes TW/RC
  Increment the obligation and service reductions to obligation for the new year DE
  Add new faculty and their obligation JM/TW
  Add leaves and sabbaticals for Spring semester TW/RC
  Add Banked Credits Spent for Spring semester TW/RC
Early December Move Projected Fall semester courses to Actual in sandbox and then move to Production JW/DE


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