Remote Desktop


Remote desktop is a technology that allows users to connect to a specific computer from a remote location as if they were sitting in front of it. Once the connection is established, users can perform a wide range of tasks as if they are actually physically using the computer in person.

If you need to remotely control a CALS OIT supported work computer from off-campus, you've come to the right place.  Below are the instructions you'll need to establish a Remote Desktop connection.

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University data stored on a computer you use, whether the computer is owned by you or the university, is subject to the same policies as data located on campus. Per university policy, you are the custodian responsible for all Cornell data on any computer you use.  

Before you can connect via a Remote Desktop session to your on-campus Cornell computer, there are some prerequisites for both the on-campus computer and the remote computer.

On-Campus Computer

The on-campus computer is the computer you wish to remotely connect to.  There two important steps:

Remote Computer

CALS OIT recommends, whenever possible, to use a CALS OIT managed laptop when connecting to campus-based resources. Please read more about our recommendations on our Remote Work Resources page.

From the remote computer:

If you’re using a CALS OIT managed laptop, you’ll find the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility VPN client in the start menu.  Launch this and log in with your Cornell NetID credentials.

If you’re connecting from a personally owned computer, you may first need to download and install the Cisco AnyConnect software.  CIT maintains access to this software on this on their website.  Once installed, launch the VPN and login with your NetID credentials.

Establish a Remote Desktop Session

After the above prerequisites have been met, follow the links below to instructions on how to establish a Remote Desktop session from your remote computer.


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