Collaboration (Teams)

Collaboration tool for team workspace collaboration including meetings, chat, files, and tasks. 

Audio Conferencing License Link Team Membership to Existing AD Group Microsoft Teams Storage Limit Increase General Support Service Administration


Service ID: 422
Mon 7/6/20 3:30 PM
Thu 4/6/23 8:28 AM
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IT Professionals
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No Fee

Service Offerings (5)

Audio Conferencing License
The Microsoft Teams Audio Conferencing license provides meeting organizers with toll-free numbers to join their meetings.
Link Team Membership to Existing AD Group
Request to link a team's membership to an existing Active Directory (AD) group. Once complete, you cannot add or remove team members directly in Microsoft Teams; instead, you can manage group membership via Quest ARS or another AD management tool. You must be a team owner to make this request.
Microsoft Teams Storage Limit Increase
Request an increase in available storage for a Team site.
Service Administration
This service entry is intended for CIT internal use, this is not a customer support form. Work classified and requested here represents service administration and management tasks that are required for delivering service but are activities that do not represent customer support work.