Document Sharing (Google Drive)

Google Drive is a collaboration service for Cornell, faculty, staff, and students which allows you to share and collaborate on documents and other files online.

Increase Google Workspace Storage New Google Shared Drive General Support Service Administration


Service ID: 210
Fri 3/20/20 4:27 PM
Mon 11/21/22 8:24 AM
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IT Professionals
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No Fee

Service Offerings (4)

Increase Google Workspace Storage
Faculty, staff and students can request an increase to your allowed storage in Google Workspace, formerly G Suite, which includes Google Drive and Gmail.
New Google Shared Drive
A collaborative space for documents that belong to a group rather than an individual. The primary purpose is for collaboration and for the separation of file ownership for personal accounts, allowing for longer projects where people come and go. It is not for bulk storage.
Service Administration
This service entry is intended for CIT internal use, this is not a customer support form. Work classified and requested here represents service administration and management tasks that are required for delivering service but are activities that do not represent customer support work.