Managed Servers

Provides fully-managed virtual and physical Linux and Windows servers on-premises and in the cloud.

File Restore Firewall & Network Access Load Balancer Monitoring Alert New Server Server Decommission User Access General Support Service Administration


Service ID: 206
Fri 3/20/20 2:20 PM
Tue 9/5/23 7:52 AM
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IT Professionals
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Service Offerings (9)

File Restore
Restoration of files from backup.
Firewall & Network Access
Adjustment of firewalls & network routing for access & security.
Load Balancer
Configuration of load balancer resources.
Monitoring Alert
Alerts from the monitoring system.
New Server
Provisioning new servers.
Server Decommission
Retiring servers that are no longer in use.
User Access
User account provisioning and access controls.
General Support
General questions & consulting.
Service Administration
This service entry is intended for CIT internal use, this is not a customer support form. Work classified and requested here represents service administration and management tasks that are required for delivering service but are activities that do not represent customer support work.