Document Sharing (Box)

Box is a free service for Cornell faculty, students, staff, and affiliates which allows you to share and collaborate on documents and other files online.

Box Account for EGA Box API Request Box Drive/Sync Issue Report Box File Recovery Change Ownership General Support Login Issue Rollout to Personal Account Sharing Issue/Question Transfer Ownership or Delete Box Folder


Service ID: 189
Fri 3/20/20 10:20 AM
Mon 11/21/22 8:24 AM
The customer groups that the service is available to
IT Professionals
Indicates whether there is a charge for the service
No Fee

Service Offerings (10)

Box Account for EGA
Request a Box account for an Exchange Group Account (EGA).
Box API Request
Requests to authorize custom applications for Box or usage of the API.
Box Drive/Sync Issue Report
Report an issue with using either the Box Drive or Box Sync desktop application.
Box File Recovery
User needs to recover or restore Box files.
Change Ownership
Change ownership of Box content, primarily because previous owner has left.
Login Issue
Report a login issue with Box.
Rollout to Personal Account
Change a student account to a personal account on request after graduation, so they can take content with them.
Sharing Issue/Question
User is having trouble sharing a Box file.
Transfer Ownership or Delete Box Folder
User wants to transfer ownership of existing Box files.