Endpoint Categorization


CALS OIT categorizes all computers to provide for a better management experience. Your computer must be categorized to receive some Cornell software, including Code42. Follow the procedure below to tell if your computer is categorized and, if not, categorize it.

Your categoriization options are:

  • Personal Productivity Device – A Personal Productivity Device is generally a faculty, staff or student’s primary work computer, and is where you check email, browse the web, and create/edit/save Office files, and is used exclusively by you.
  • Shared Device – A Shared Device is used by more than one person and may be logged into using a NetID or a shared account (such as AG-LabUser).
    • Research – If you selected Shared Device, an additional prompt will appear asking whether your computer is connected to specialized equipment or has specialized software for performing research.

Your help in categorizing your computer(s) will allow CALS OIT to deliver updates, configurations and solutions that are targeted to your computer’s specific use case.  For example:

  • Better control of enforced reboots - Shared research computers will have more flexibility as it pertains to enforced system reboots.  This ensures critical research isn’t impacted and allows you to choose when a reboot fits your lab’s schedule.
  • Improved deployment of Cornell licensed software – Cornell’s various site-licensed software suites employ a dazzling array of licensing models.  To best serve you with critical updates to these tools and to ensure proper use of Cornell’s limited licenses, knowing how your computer is used is key in ensuring your work is not disrupted.


The sections below depict the on-screen prompts you can expect to see when you categorize your computer.


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