Phones (Avaya)

Support and installation of extensions and call management queues provided using Cornell's on-premise Avaya system.

Activate New Soft Number Activate or Install New Phone Audix Voicemail Authorization Code Bulk Request Change Call Management Change Phone Account or Name Change Phone Programming Change Phone Set Issue Report Move Phone Location My Extension Everywhere New Call Management Remove or Disconnect Phone General Support Service Administration


Service ID: 753
Fri 12/2/22 10:25 AM
Fri 12/2/22 11:09 AM
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Service Offerings (16)

Activate New Soft Number
Request by a Telecom Coordinator for a new soft number on the Avaya system. Used for bridged appearance and Auto Attendants.
Activate or Install New Phone
Request for an Avaya phone activation or installation.
Audix Voicemail
Request to add voicemail to a physical or a soft phone.
Authorization Code
Request by a Telecom Coordinator for an authorization code on the Avaya system. Used to override restricted phones, etc.
Bulk Request
Multiple requests of voice and data services for Avaya system phones. Complete the Bulk Request Customer Spreadsheet linked on this form and attach to your request.
Change Call Management
To make a request to existing call flows. Charges may apply.
Change Phone Account or Name
Request to make a change to an existing account or name on an Avaya phone service.
Change Phone Programming
Request to make changes to an existing Avaya phone.
Change Phone Set
Request to change an existing Avaya phone to another type of Avaya phone.
Issue Report
To report a service issue with an Avaya telephone service, including Audix password issues and resetting.
Move Phone Location
Request to move an existing Avaya phone from one location to another. Please use the "Bulk Request" if more than one change is needed.
My Extension Everywhere
Request a new My Extension Everywhere (call forwarding for Avaya phones) service.
New Call Management
To request a new call management call flow such as an auto attendant or vectors. A consult with Request Fulfillment is required. Please provide call back number. Charges may apply.
Remove or Disconnect Phone
Request to remove or disconnect an Avaya phone.