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To report an urgent maintenance issue affecting safety, security, or research, please call 255-5322.

Note: For any incident that requires IMMEDIATE police, fire, or medical response to preserve life or property, call 911, use emergency (blue light) phones, or call CU Police at 255-1111.

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Welcome to Facilities Support for the College of Engineering and Cornell Bowers CIS

Our goal is to provide stellar facilities support across all CoE and Bowers CIS units and for all assigned buildings. Our scope of activity includes:

  • Building planning
  • Renovation projects
  • Maintenance
  • Operations and usage by faculty, staff, and students ranging from the coordination of custodial services to new building projects.

Our staff are responsible for coordinating all building maintenance including arranging repairs, coordinating effective preventative maintenance programs, and carrying out maintenance projects to improve long-term reliability and reduce repair and/or energy costs. We work closely with Facilities and Campus Services on behalf of our building occupants. Our staff should be the first contact for facilities issues by all CoE and Bowers CIS facility users.

This website provides ‘one-stop shopping’ for our customers to initiate a request for service and to obtain information about a project, building, safety program, or utility usage.

Thanks for visiting our portal. For more information, explore the links on this page.

Who we are: 

  • Thomas King, Director
  • Dan Woodie, Interim Assistant Director, Director of Safety
  • Dawn Warren, Administrative Assistant 
  • M.Devrim Erboyaci, Project Coordinator  
  • Scott Albrecht, Facilities Coordinator - Duffield, Gates, High Volt Lab, interim for: Phillips, Ward
  • Thom Quinn, Facilities Coordinator - Olin, Carpenter, Hollister, Snee
  • Stephanie Pierson, Facilities Coordinator, Upson, Grumman, Rhodes, interim for: Phillips, Kimball, Thurston, Bard
  • Vacant, Facilities Coordinator

Hours of Service

Facility coordinators will typically respond to service requests during the following times:
Monday - Friday 8 hours/day covering at least 10am to 3pm EST.
Saturday - Sunday Facility coordinators are typically not working after normal working hours, on weekends and holidays. 

To report an urgent maintenance issue affecting safety, security, or research, please call 255-5322.

For any incident that requires IMMEDIATE police, fire, or medical response to preserve life or property, call 911use emergency (blue light) phones, or call CU Police at 255-1111.