Change a faculty member's department

Salesforce uses the term "Account Name" in multiple ways, one of which is ILR's departments.  The list of ILR departments is maintained in Salesforce by the Administrative Applications group. If you follow these instructions and are unable to locate the desired department in the list, cancel this operation and contact Administrative Applications at To change a person's department:

  1. Find their Contact record (click on it in a list or search for it in the search bar.  If you search and more than one version of the person shows up, one may be a Lead and the other a Contact record.  Course Banking only works on Contact records.  The search results will show you if someone is a Lead or Contact.  If more than one Contact record shows up in a search please contact ILR Administrative Applications at
  2. Near the top of the Contact record is the field "Account Name".  Click the pencil icon next to it to edit.
  3. Type "Cornell ILR Department" and a list of departments will begin to appear.  If the one you're looking for does not appear, continue typing the name of the department.  Once it appears, click on it to select.  Tip: if you hover the mouse over an entry for a moment the entire department name will appear briefly.

  1. Click "Save" at the bottom of the screen.


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