Using the ILR Outreach Salesforce Portal Community

Note: You must have a "community" license to use this portal.  If you do not have a community license, please disregard this page.

The portal community site shows a simplified view of the Outreach Activities forms, Opportunities, and other data in Salesforce.  In many ways it works similarly to the full version of Salesforce, but is more focused on quickly finding and viewing rather than editing Outreach data.

In-depth help documents are available by clicking here.  This documentation is mainly focused on the full version of Salesforce.

Some things you can do with the Salesforce Outreach community site:

  • View all Outreach Activities forms
  • View Contacts and Accounts (companies)
  • View Opportunities
  • Depending on your access rights you may also be able to edit this data as well
  • Depending on your access rights you may be able to add new Outreach Activity forms.  To do this, click the "New" button at upper right to start a new form. Forms do not need to be fully completed before they are submitted. In the form, click the "i" icon next to the field name to get help about that field.
  • To see the most recent or oldest entries click the "Outreach Activities" column heading (the first column on the left). Click once to sort from oldest to newest and again to sort from newest to oldest.
  • Click the "OutrchActiv-" number in the left column of the list to open the form for that activity.
  • Similar to the full version of Salesforce, click the words in the navigation bar at the top of the screen to view different types of data.

Click "Home Page Activities View" to go to a page that allows you to view more lists of forms. (Once in that page, click the down-arrow next to the "Home Page Activities View" to see other views, such as those filtered for a particular department or location.)

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