SSC - Travel and Meal Card Request

Faculty and staff members can use this form to request a new Travel and Meal (T&M) card or transfer use of an existing card to another department due to an employee transfer. If the transferring employee will not meet eligibility requirements below in their new role, do not complete this form.

Eligibility: All Cornell faculty and staff members who have not incurred a write-off (i.e., reached 180 days past due) in the past five years on a personal-liability corporate travel card are eligible to apply for a T&M card if their position requires any of the following:

    Business travel at least twice per year

    Booking visitor travel

    Hosting business meals

Requirements: Before requesting a card, to ensure you understand and agree to the responsibilities of a cardholder, you must complete and pass the PUR 113 - Travel and Meal Card Tutorial and Exam (CULearn).

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