Cornell AgriTech VoIP Phone System

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The guides below should answer most questions regarding your AgriTech ShoreTel phone. If you still need assistance please submit a help request.



  • From your phone - Press the Voicemail key, enter your password, and press # or OK.
  • From off-campus - Dial 315-787-2500.  When the call is answered press # and follow the instructions.
  • From another phone on campus - Press #, wait for the prompt, and press # again. Enter your extension, enter your password, and press #.
  • Voicemail to E-mail - The voicemail to email feature will be automatically enabled on your phone.  This feature allows voicemail messages to be forwarded to your email account. Voicemails will be sent to your Cornell (or USDA) email address.  To modify this setting please submit a help request.

ShoreTel Reference Information


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