ITSD - Unsupported

For various reasons there are requests made by customers that are not supported by CIT under any circumstances. Reference information also at IT@Cornell

Reasons for declining support

  • Security risk
  • Unlikely to result in a positive outcome, or will only lead to more support needs for the user
  • A retired or obsolete service 
  • Against university policy, laws, or regulations
  • Insufficient knowledge available to provide support and the benefit to the university of acquiring that knowledge is less than the cost to the university of getting it
  • The best path to resolution is to switch to a supported option (such as upgrading from an unsupported version of an application to a supported one)

Logging the ticket

  • Create a service request
  • Categorize the ticket in TeamDynamix (TDX) as Service: Non-Service / Unsupported

Communicating to the customer

  • Use the response template Decline Support for Legal/policy Reasons to communicate to the customer

  • Escalate to your manager if needed 

For a list of currently offered services refer to the services list on IT@Cornell



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