ITSD - Cornell Safe Campus (Daily Check)

Service Description

All students must complete the Daily Check every day (including weekends). Faculty, staff, and guests with approval to be on the Cornell campus or in a Cornell-related facility must complete the Daily Check prior to arrival each day.

Level 1 Tasks & Activities

1) The app is down or experiencing performance issues:


  • Rich Marisa - 5-7636 (off hours 607-592-0025 , DO NOT give out this number)
  • Bill Juda - 4-3595
  • Eric Woods - 5-7337 (off hours 607-327-1087 , DO NOT give out this number)
  • Ryann Levo - 5-4073 (off hours 410-746-8320 , DO NOT give out this number)

2) The Customer states "I’m having trouble filling out the form / I can’t fill out the form" :

If the customer states they have a technical barrier and/or the form is broken, find out what type of device and what browser/version they're using and open a ticket with the Custom DEV group. 

Process related questions do not go to the Custom Dev team. Instead, direct the customer to their HR rep, Supervisor or PI depending on who they are. 

3) The Customer asks "Why do I need to fill out this form"? :

When Faculty/Staff ask this:

Use escalation process below

When students ask this:

Direct them to Cornell Health or their PI (as most are graduate students in the system).



The URL is and it’s hosted in Media3.

Customers will often refer to this as just Daily Check




The Daily Check program ( now has its own application and Daily Check portal in TeamDynamix .

If the ITSD receives a question about Daily Check, please use the “Assign Workflow” function in the ticket to reassign the ticket to the HR Daily Check application:

Transfer Ticket to HR - Daily Check

For issues not covered by this article, have the customer complete the form on the Daily Check web site and provide an explanation of their problem. 


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