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Most search boxes in the system function in a similar manner. For example, if you are searching for someone in a "Notify" field the system will first attempt to show you users that are already associated with that ticket, requestor, responsible, reviewer, etc. Once you start typing a Username or NetID the system will attempt to find that user. However, the input fields are limited to returning five of the top results.


Steps to Follow

Here is an example. If I type "jenn" in an input field the system will return the 5 most likely results. As you can see, Jennifer and Jenny are returned in the results.

By typing "Jenn" I get "Jennifer", "Jenny", etc.

In an attempt to narrow things down further I type "Jennifer" - but there are still more that 5 people with the name Jennifer in the system.


OK so now I am really going to narrow it down and type the full name "Jennifer Davis".

Even if I type "Jennifer Davis" there are still more than 5 possibilities.

Well, there are four Jennifer Davis' and one Jennifer Davison. So that didn't work. What to do now? Click the magnifying glass for a full user search.

Choose the full lookup by clicking the magnifying glass.

Now when I search for Jennifer Davis in the full user search I can find the correct person.

Now when I search for "Jennifer Davis" I can see them all.

Usually most of the user searches are not this tricky, often the system will be able to find the person you want without too much searching. Keep in mind that this search method works in a similar way for NetIDs. If you are searching for "netid1" you will see results like "netid11" or "netid123", etc. Adding the "@" symbol after the NetID may also help narrow the results.


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