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Overview: VMIT IT Service Group (ITSG)

The Veterinary Medicine IT (VMIT) IT Service Group supports all end users in the College of Veterinary Medicine with locations at:

  • Cornell Campus (Ithaca) including offices in Baker Lab on East Hill
  • Duck Lab ON Long Island
  • Quality Milk Production Services (QMPS) Labs in Canton, NY, Cobleskill, NY and Geneseo, NY

This ITSG has IT technical support staff to whom the IT Service Desk may escalate incidents. Operating hours for the ITSG are:

  • Monday-Thursday: 8:00am to 4:45pm
  • Friday: 8:00am to 4:00pm
  • plus after hours IT support for the 24/7 Animal Hospital and other areas of the Vet School

You can find more information about the Veterinary Medicine IT service group online.


Images are passed between PACS and EzyVet, and both are on-prem systems. VMIT needs to triage issues first and can engage CIT, if necessary. The web site needs to be online for EzyVet to work. 

The ITSD should be aware that there are two software products supported by VMIT with similar names:

  • ezyVet
  • EasyVet (aka VetZ) at Ruffian

EasyVet software is used at Cornell Ruffian Equine Specialists in Elmont, NY. This location information may help determine which program (ezyVet vs. EasyVet) that a customer contacts the ITSD about.



***Be aware of the possibility of a space being placed at the end of a NetID when entered into the Anywhere client. This will cause a login error, bad username/password. 



End users in the VMIT ITSG may email incidents or requests to one the existing departmental IT support email addresses listed below (these email addresses have not changed) or submit an online support request (

The ITSD will provide support for requests and incidents sent to:

NOTE: These email addresses create tickets in the CIT - CX - ITSD ITSG Vet School TeamDynamix queue.

TeamDynamix Support Group

CIT - CX - ITSD ITSG Vet School


The CVM Intranet will now be hosted as a Drupal 9 site.  Drupal is the same content management system used at the college for our external web site and is familiar to all content editors. 

The new site will replace the current intranet -  For a sneak preview, visit  Please note, users will still need to be on the VPN or a campus network to access the site. 

Below please find other information regarding the CVM Intranet:

  • will be redirected to this new site.  Users will not have to update any bookmarks or links. 
  • The site has an integrated "search" functionality allowing you to find information quickly. This is in the top right corner of the site. 
  • Since this is a Drupal site, the CVM community can now manage content without IT assistance.  No more tickets to IT are needed (Of course, we are always here to help). 
  • The student site has also undergone a redesign and now has content being managed from Canvas.
  • Faculty have their own new dashboard located here


Below is a table of some common types or incidents and requests we may see for this ITSG and the related TeamDynamix products to select. This table is simply to provide a reference. Certainly, there may be requests or incidents where additional products apply and thus should be cased using the appropriate product in TeamDynamix.

Type of Request Product in TeamDynamix
Active Directory Active Directory
Brio / OBIE Brio
Cisco VPN, Checkpoint VPN VPN
Credit Card Billing Portal technical support Credit Card Billing Portal
EasyVet (VetZ) at Ruffian No TeamDynamixProduct?
Email or Calendaring Email/Calendar (Exchange)
Not to be confused with "EasyVet" above.
ezyVet and EasyVet are two different products.

See the launch Update for more info.
Identity Finder Identity Finder
Interfaces (with lab instruments) No TeamDynamix Product?
MedSelect No TeamDynamix Product?
MS Office Applications Office
Network Connectivity Network
New computer procurement and provisioning Desktop, Laptop, Printer, etc.
Oracle Oracle
PACS PACS Digital Radiography (OpalRad)
PGP Encryption PGP Encryption
Printer Installs Printer
PreVet Tracker
The ITSD provides some (limited) support for PreVet Tracker
See the PreVet Tracker page.
PreVet Tracker
Purrfect Weight
The ITSD provides some (limited) support for Purrfect Weight
See the Purrfect Weight page.
Purrfect Weight
Security questions (Basic: is this spam, etc.) Security Assessment
Server related issues (other than is it up) Server Management
SharePoint SharePoint
Student booklists/ by schedule Student Booklists
TSM backup/restore issues TSM
VetView VetView
Web Site College of Veterinary Medicine (Website)

Animal Tracking report for QMPS:



Support Escalation for COVID 19 Sample Collection Sites

Sample Collection Site Support Info

Known Escalations

System Compromises

If a user reports a virus, Trojan or any suspected system compromise, DO NOT ATTEMPT REMEDIATION. The ITSG is required to first assess the potential for data loss and take action based upon those findings. If the ITSD or user attempts remediation, it hinders the ability to assess the institutional risk. When system compromises are reported from the VMIT ITSG, set priority to high and escalate to the ITSG per the procedures below.

Wired Network Issues

The Vet School used fixed IP addresses on their wired network (not DHCP). So, all wired networking incidents need to be escalated back to VMIT.

Wireless issues may be handled as an ITSD supported case.

ESCALATE as follows:


For urgent requests via phone, the Central IT desk should immediately contact the service group:

Please also case a ticket for escalation as follows:

Use the Assign Workflow Function and choose Move to - CVM

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