ITSD - Housing Portal

There are THREE different IDs that can be used to access the housing portal:

  1. If Undergrad, and NetID NOT yet activated, log in using ApplicantID.
  2. If student with active NetID, log in using NetID.
  3. If GRAD student WITHOUT a NetID, they do not have ApplicantIDs. The housing office assigns them a special 6-digit numeric id to log in with. Problems with these, or a password is needed, they can contact the housing office at 5-5368.

Due to the large number of graduates we have calling in asking about this. When graduates call in and want to log into the housing portal without their NetID send them to the below link.

Have them scroll to the bottom and select "Apply for Housing" in the graduate student section. This will send them here

On the new page have them select the SECOND link titled "Click Here" and fill out the information to get a username and password. 

Then have them select the fourth link titled "Click Here", to log in and use the Housing Portal. 

If a student is able to use a NetID/AppID to sign into everything but Housing, and it's right after NetIDs have started being created, it's likely that there was an error processing them in the overnight system, since we overload it with new NetIDs at the beginning of the provisioning process. In these cases, tell the student to wait 48 hours, which will give the system another chance to process it, then have them contact Housing if there's still a problem.


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